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EmbToolkit · Companion for your embedded system firmware

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I’m pleased to announce EmbToolkit v1.5.0 release.

This release brings several improvements and reorganization of the build system internals.
The build system now supports build of waf based packages.
Beside eglibc, glibc and uClibc, it is now also possible to use musl as C library.
I want to thank Ricardo Crudo for his contribution in this release, he added several new packages.

Please see below summary of changes made since the previous release.

  • Linux headers: updated to latest versions available

  • Add musl C library based toolchain

  • eglibc

    • update to latest svn revisions available

    • add eglibc v2.19

  • glibc: add v2.19

  • llvm/clang: add v3.4.1

  • strace: updated to latest git revision available

Host tools
  • mtd-utils

    • updated to v1.5.1

    • Fix build error under non linux systems

Build system
  • move most build system directories/files under core/ subdirectory

  • Add support of waf based packages

  • mtd-utils: updated to v1.5.1

  • gettext: updated to v0.18.3.2

New packages
  • armadillo: v4.300.2

  • Boost: v1.55.0

  • bzip2: v1.0.6

  • fftw: v3.3.4

  • Icu: v53.1

  • librsync: v0.9.7

  • libsndfile: v1.0.25

  • lilv: v0.18.0

  • lv2: v1.8.0

  • OpenBLAS: from git

  • popt: v1.16

  • serd: v0.18.2

  • sord: v0.12.0

  • sratom: v0.4.4

Known issues and limitations:
  • MIPS64 uClibc based toolchain is still broken