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I’m pleased to announce EmbToolkit v1.7.0 release.

This release brings fixes to support Mac OS X as host development machine.
This means that, under Mac OS X, it is now possible to generate a toolchain, use this toolchain
to build your linux kernel, build packages for your target system, and generate a root filesystem
(just as it is possible under linux or FreeBSD host development machine) .

This release also features gcc-4.9.2 and makes it the default version when gcc based toolchain is used.
Binutils has been updated to v2.24 and it is the default version.
Musl C library has been updated to v1.1.5 and it is the default version when musl based toolchain is used.

I want to thank Ricardo Crudo for his contribution to this release, once again, he added several new packages.

Please see below summary of changes made since the previous release.

  • Linux headers: updated to latest versions available

  • binutils: drop v2.22 and add v2.24 and associated patch set

  • gcc

    • add v4.9.2 and associated patch set

    • drop v4.5 and v4.6 support

  • gdb: drop v7.6.2 support and add v7.8.1 and associated patch set

  • musl: updated to v1.1.5

Host tools
  • ccache: update to v3.1.10

  • New findutils: add v4.4.2

Build system
  • Configuration GUI: add nconfig text base configuration GUI

  • e2fsprogs-libuuid: update to v1.14.12

  • libressl: updated to v2.1.1

New packages
Known issues and limitations:
  • MIPS64 uClibc based toolchain is still broken