EmbToolkit release note

EmbToolkit · Companion for your embedded system firmware

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v1.9.0 Release note Older releases

I’m pleased to announce EmbToolkit v1.8.0 release.

Please see below summary of changes made since the previous release.

  • Linux headers: updated to latest versions available

  • gcc

    • add v4.9.3 and associated patch set

    • add v4.8.5 and associated patch set

  • clang/llvm

    • Add v3.5.2 and associated patch set

    • Drop v3.3

  • glibc: add v2.21 and associated patch set

  • musl

    • updated to v1.1.10

    • Drop --disable-tls workaround while building mips toolchain Issue#43

  • GDB: update v7.8.x to v7.8.2

Host tools
  • ccache: updated to v3.2.2

Build system

It is now possible to verify downloaded packages md5/sha hash

New packages
Known issues and limitations:
  • MIPS64 uClibc based toolchain is still broken